In creating the Career Runway: Inspiration for an Intrepreneur brand the first question I asked myself was why. I sat for minutes, hours, days, months just contemplating this inquisitive word, WHY. To be honest at first I couldn’t answer the question. As a writer I just created words that formed sentences that meant absolutely nothing to me. It sounded nice, but there was a disconnect in my spirit. I went through a phase of just wanting to have an answer regardless if it was truthful. I then graduated from just wanting to have an answer to just being quiet altogether. I was so quiet I couldn’t hear anything, say anything, understand anything, I was just existing, adding no value. I played seesaw with myself moving up and down from one extreme to the next still not being able to answer the question not realizing my indecisiveness and my absent mindedness was the answer. My seesaw of an experience was the metaphor I needed to create poetry in my spirit speaking volumes to the purpose, the heart and the WHY behind Career Runway: Inspiration for an Intrepreneur brand.

There is a need and a desire for us all to live an authentic life. A life of unrushed answers. A life of experience. Because we are so fixated on having all the answers we just say the things that sounds nice in that moment. We then find ourselves burdened with so many things that do not add value in our lives causing us to feel worthless. In our worthlessness we are consumed with feelings of disappointment, anger, confusion, insecurity, regret, etc. None in which represents who we are, all in which are results of answering questions prematurely. We can’t escape the requirement of experience so how do we learn to truly extract value out of everything we go through and answer questions honestly and in perfect timing?

The answer is intentionally getting to know ourselves in every phase of our process. Every experience has meaning, every interaction has a purpose and with every decision will follow a lesson.

Now align this way of thinking to your career. Where are you? Are you happy? Are you looking for a change? Are you desiring purpose in your position?

We spend more time in our careers than we do in our marriages, place of worship and/or retirement. Most of the questions asked derive from our professional lives and because we fabricated our answers we are miserable in our careers. This means majority of our time is spent unfulfilled and in a place of worthlessness.

I’m here to change that. We don’t need to rush this. It’s time to enjoy the process of experience. It’s time to wake up every morning with an expectation of finding value in everything you do. It’s time to start answering your questions honestly even if your honest answer is I don’t know.

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