GERALDS JOURNEY SITE PICTUREThere is a man, a man of high intelligence. He has the answers to all life’s questions. He is a healer. He is psychic. He is a lover. He is a ruler. He is one man. He is everything I want to be. He is the blueprint. He is the one I wish to meet. He is the one I wish to know.

But at what cost Gerald?

At what cost are you willing to sacrifice for one man?

How do you know he is all that you desire him to be?

How do you know he even exist?

I know you have so many questions, but I don’t know much of anything right now. I’m just as lost today as I was yesterday and that consumes me with more fear than the cost of tomorrow’s unknown. I’m exhausted and with the only strength I have left I have to take this journey alone to find me within him.

Your comprehension is not my priority. It’s not for you to understand. My obligation isn’t to convince you I’m making the right decision. I can no longer burden myself with your fears, I have to focus on overcoming my own.

But Gerald, don’t do this. Gerald, please don’t leave. You will fail and you will die alone.

Well my dearest, if that should happen burn my body and spread my ashes upon the ground where I have fallen to my demise for even in death my soul will complete the journey my flesh had the courage to start.

The Start of an Intrepreneur’s Journey

Why is it the very moment we decide to pursue our goals and chase our dreams we are greeted at the front door with opposition? Opposing thoughts and/or opposing opinions from others burdening us like overweight luggage. The load becomes too heavy to carry and because of the pressure we feel on our weakened shoulders we collapse before we can take hold of the door knob. The start of Gerald’s journey teaches us to proceed through opposition. Proceed through doubts of others. Like many of us, we do not know the depths of our neighbor’s journey, but is their destination most important or is it more vital to support their decision to travel in the first place?

Intrepreneurs I know you are starring at the door waiting for the right time, waiting to be validated by others, waiting for an abundance of resources you are lacking. I am here to say RIGHT NOW YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED!

I don’t know what your goals are, what you desire, what you are seeking and in this very moment it’s not my concern. I urge you to only carry items necessary for survival during your travels. As for everything else, drop it where you stand. Don’t take one more step with burdening thoughts, opinions, regrets and/or fears. Release yourself from all that has contributed to your stillness. Release yourself from everything that has been holding you back! Fight through opposition by having the courage to start!


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