GERALDS JOURNEY SITE PICTUREWalking out the door and turning my back on my wife was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I never formally said goodbye with a hug or an everlasting kiss; nothing. Instead I gaped at a silhouette of my wife’s reflection in the window of the car for the very last time. I can’t tell you if tears fell from her cheeks or if her eyes burned with anger. The last memory of her was a blur, literally, and because of that I decided that the last reaction of my wife was a graceful smile.

Driving away from what had been my home for 25 years felt liberating. This emotion surprised me. How was letting go of something I’ve been a part of for 25 years so easy to do? Although leaving my wife was hard, the relief of not having anyone depending on me was even more fulfilling in that moment. For the first time in my life no one was there to dictate how I felt. I was finally able to feel freely without guilt or repercussions for my unpopular truth.

This was the beginning of my journey and what a great start it had become, but with every testimony comes the burden of survival; a testament of trials I was not prepared to endure.

Inspiration for an Intrepreneur

How many times have someone asked you a question and you replied with a lie? Let me be more specific. Intrepreneurs, how many times have your employer asked if you were happy in your position and you nodded your head yes because you feared the alternative which was not having a position at all to like or dislike?

The beauty of narration is that you can tell a hard truth through fiction. This allows you to express yourself authentically eliminating worry of consequence. So what happens when the book is closed? What happens when the result of your lie offers an even more agonizing alternative? What happens when your boss offers you a management position in a job you despise leading teams of people you have no interest in developing?


Many leaders fail because they are in positions by default and not desire. Intrepreneurship is the start of an even greater destination. You are in the stage of preparation. You are developing yourself to one day teach, lead, or have ownership of something. This is a pivotal time in your career and in your life to start unapologetically telling the truth. This is the phase of low risk. In the low risk phase the decisions you make is less likely to impact the livelihood of others. There is little to no consequence for making a decision that benefits your self-interests. This phase is where you should take chances; this is where you are expected to be indecisive because you lack the experience to make a decision depended upon historical facts.

Every truth builds a bridge and every lie burns a tree. What foundation will you depend on to get you to your next level of success?

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