Gerald’s Journey: Paralyzed by Opposition

GERALDS JOURNEY SITE PICTUREAs the bumper of the car kissed the stalk of the tree it took its last breath. It died right before our very eyes. I was discouraged and I was as deflated as the busted tires sinking into the mud. I sat in the back seat of the car, I just sat there. I couldn’t move. “Gerald, we have to stay here in the car tonight and in the morning we have to look for the nearest road to call for help. The insulation should keep us warm until then.” The driver had taken the wheel from me, taking control of the situation. He maintained a level head  ensuring our safety as the blackened night abandoned us with no mercy. I was not in a position of optimism. I closed my eyes and prayed it all was a bad dream. Everything in me had just wished we didn’t survive the fall. The reality was that we had survived a sudden death only to suffer and die slowly. “We are in the middle of nowhere. We are stranded at the bottom of a mountain surrounded by trees, mud and rocks! What type of alternative to death is this?” My thoughts had gotten the best of me and in that very moment all I could do was hear my wife’s voice, “You will fail and you will die alone.” Although I was not physically alone I was in a vulnerable position, one that isolated me mentally. Was my wife right. Have I been defeated? Will this be the place she will come to scatter my ashes?

The Intrepreneur’s Perspective

(Answer the questions below in the comment section.)

  1. How can this experience be applied to you in both life and/or in business?
  2. Have being discouraged ever effected your ability to be productive?
  3. How did you overcome being discouraged?


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