Gerald’s Journey: Dead Inside

GERALDS JOURNEY SITE PICTUREDarkness painted the sky black. Rain poured unto the ground pounding like fists upon drums. Disturbing plundering sounds of thunder and lightning echoed in the mysterious dark sky above. Clearing the fog from the window I glided my hand across the glass to no avail I was limited to viewing all things, except for what was inside of the car. The heavy rain drops created waterfalls outside the windows hindering my view. Out of control and lacking visibility I laid back and closed my eyes awaiting to be released from this prison of darkness.

Jerked out of my slumber a striking pain in my neck met me at consciousness as I opened my eyes to investigate the cause of the instant eruption. I could not believe what my eyes was witnessing. Shattered window glass with legs of a deer entrapped within it, the driver unresponsive and the car gliding upon the mountain road. As the car was spinning out of control I was overcome with nausea and fear holding on tightly to the driver seat of the car burying my head underneath my forearm. “Oh God!” I screamed until the car came to a halting pause. I carefully looked out the window. The rear end of the car sat on a branch at the tip of the mountain and the front of the car was leveraged by the deer. I sat in purgatory. Either I would be saved by a lifeless animal or taken by the mountain. “Please God, keep this deer from moving.” I pleaded. My heartbeat pulsated in my throat. My life was at the mercy of prey. There was a moment, a calming moment where myself and the deer locked eyes. But In an instant blink it moved and I was sacrificed to the mountain. The branch collapsed and the car tumbled down the side of the mountain disappearing within the depths of the woods.

Overdosed on adrenaline I could not feel the broken tree branch resting on my thighs garnished with shattered glass. I struggled to escape the grasp of the tree branch, but it was firm in its position. My strength was depleting with every breath I had taken. I was exhausted. I wanted to just close my eyes and rest, but I was afraid death would meet me in my dreams. So I fought to keep my eyes opened only to be slaughtered at the hands of the night sky. A bolt of lightning strikes the car igniting the fuel that coated the exterior of my prison.

Waves of flames attacked the car in a rage. An overwhelming stench of the driver’s body filled the air with death’s aroma. Suffocating smoke enabling me to speak, “Oh God! I don’t want to die like this!” There I was sweltering in flames to my demise. Ashes of my flesh had fallen upon the muddy puddles of the dampened wood’s flooring dissolving into nothing. I had become nothing.


The Intrepreneur’s Perspective


Have you ever felt trapped in a position?

What causes you to feel trapped in a position?

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