Gerald’s Journey: Leaving Everything Behind

GERALDS JOURNEY SITE PICTUREI had died in the worst way imaginable, disappearing into nothing. I had dissolved into the earth and I had nothing to show for who I was or why I was. I had just fallen short of completion ending in such a way that left me with so much regret. I was haunted by invisibility. The thought of incompleteness frightened me out of a slumber of sorrow into a reality of revelation.

You know, most people have the gift of vision. The gift to see what will be in order to make sense of what is. I have always wanted the gift of prophecy, but what I had experienced led me to believe in an even greater gift, the vision of what if. In its rarity I was able to experience what could have been. I had come to realize the true mercy given to my current situation.

Understanding that the true alternative to my life was death created an urgency for me to move. I no longer desired to sit in the back seat. I no longer desired reasoning for the mercy on my life. My focus had become solely on my final destination. The demise of the transportation I dependent upon had become dead weight for me mentally and it was time to unburden myself so that I could travel forward freely.

There was a brief moment after collecting all that I could carry from the vehicle that I stopped and stared at what I was leaving behind. I had become overwhelmed with fear too nervous to leave. Despite the expected conclusion of what would happen if I stayed, in a sad way I found comfort in knowing what the end looked like. Conversely, the wilderness that offered more was far from predictable. I was afraid of the unexpected.

Nonetheless, I did not allow hesitation to deter me. I turned to face my fears and I embraced the wilderness walking forward blindly to all things that lied ahead leaving everything that I knew behind.

The Intrepreneur’s Perspective

(Answer questions below in the comment section.)

What are you afraid to leave behind in an effort to advance in your career?

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