GERALDS JOURNEY SITE PICTUREI walked behind him for hours. I was silent. I just followed behind until I realized I had been here before, I had seen this before. We were walking in circles. My frustration echoed in the woods as I yelled ahead, “Do you know where you are going? Do you know where we are? We’ve passed this tree three times already. Are we lost?” The driver turned around and paused with his hands on his hips and the sound of his heavy breathing echoing his frustration, “Yes, I am lost. I have no idea where I’m going or where I am.” As he responded I couldn’t help but to hear the address in his words, I he said, I am lost. Here I was following behind someone who was trying to find their own way, not our way.

Who was I to be frustrated at someone for leading me in the wrong direction to a path that is mine and mine alone? This entire time the driver and I were traveling from different perspectives. He was scavenging for direction which led back to where we started, where as I was expecting to be given instruction which also led back to the beginning. “What path aren’t we taking?” I asked myself. I stood still and closed my eyes and visualized where I wanted to go.

I visualized myself walking towards a logged fence upon a dirt path to the steps leading to a logged cabin door. It was a perfect picture and I was immersed within the brush strokes of its creation. When I opened my eyes I was no longer lost. I looked at the ground underneath my feet and I searched for a path any path that resembled what I had seen behind my eyelids. With no map, no phone, no guide I allowed faith to be my compass and walked for hours without ever passing scenery of familiarity again.

The Intrepreneur’s Perspective

(Answer questions below in the comment section.)

Have you ever been led astray by a co-worker with more experience only to realize they were just as lost as you were?

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