So here is the truth. Sometimes you are so close to your situation the only vantage point you have is the brick wall in front of you. Left, right, up or down the tip of your nose is bruised by the rigid bricks suffocating your point of view. This is where I was a month ago. Too close to see and too close to breathe. I immediately panicked and settled for my demise, the demise of my brand and the demise of my dream.

Not knowing where to go next is terrifying and I was entrapped with fear. I just couldn’t figure out how to move forward. So I did something crazy. I turned around to open air with my back facing the brick wall and I walked towards my past. There I found a way to my future.

I found myself outside looking into my life. I found myself taking a glimpse of a girl sitting in the back seat of a Ford Tempo outside a party store in the heart of the city of Detroit. She was mesmerized by the woman in the Jaguar aside her. Tall, fierce and confident; this woman looked like a superhero in a black business suit. The little girl never took her eyes off the woman and therefore never took her eyes off her dream. She imagined being that fierce business woman stepping out of that Jaguar one day. In that moment she had created a future based on a single encounter and held on to that dream until now, until me.

In that moment I realized that I’d become the brick wall in my own way.

I stood back in front of the barrier; nose to brick. Without fear, without anxiety, without the answers I clenched my fist and struck the concrete crumbling the rocks into a pile of dust before my feet. A clear path was created and I am now walking towards my future seeking a place to purchase my black suit.

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