“Larry, were you able to print and sort the data packets for today’s meeting?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Kemper, I wasn’t able to. The printer is down. I thought we could just review the electronic version of the data.”

“Larry, that’s not going to work. Everyone need to take notes in this meeting and I prefer we have them printed.”

“I know, but…”

“Trina where did you get those copies from?”

“I printed them.”

“How? Larry said the printer was down.”

“Well, it was down, but I change the ink cartridge and now it’s up. Did you need something Mr. Kemper?”

“Actually I needed some data packets printed for my meeting. If I send you the file would you be able to print and sort the information? You would be helping me out a great deal.”

“I would be happy to sir.”

“Thank you Trina.”

Too often we allow the title of an individual to be the descriptor of one’s character, versus depending on the character of the person to dictate the reward of a title.

It’s simple. You are who you show you are, not who you say you are.

What Larry viewed as a barrier, Trina viewed as an interruption. This is what created an opportunity for Trina and created a setback for Larry.

The best way to overcome the barrier mindset is to become a proactive problem solver. Something as simple as changing the ink cartridge of a printer was a catalyst for Trina to show case her ability to lead and highlighted a characteristic of dependability. This was not planned, predicted, rehearsed. The environment and your actions will create the opportunity needed to become the successful professional you strive to be.

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