Gerald’s Journey: Dead Inside

Darkness painted the sky black. Rain poured unto the ground pounding like fists upon drums. Disturbing plundering sounds of thunder and lightning echoed in the mysterious dark sky above. Clearing the fog from the window I glided my hand across the glass to no avail I was limited to viewing all things, except for what was […]


Gerald’s Realization of Truth Walking out the door and turning my back on my wife was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I never formally said goodbye with a hug or an everlasting kiss; nothing. Instead I gaped at a silhouette of my wife’s reflection in the window of the car for the […]


The Start of Gerald’s Journey There is a man, a man of high intelligence. He has the answers to all life’s questions. He is a healer. He is psychic. He is a lover. He is a ruler. He is one man. He is everything I want to be. He is the blueprint. He is the […]


In creating the Career Runway: Inspiration for an Intrepreneur brand the first question I asked myself was why. I sat for minutes, hours, days, months just contemplating this inquisitive word, WHY. To be honest at first I couldn’t answer the question. As a writer I just created words that formed sentences that meant absolutely nothing to […]