PhotoLab_app_painting_IMG_20170612_141930Career Runway: Inspiration for an Intrepreneur represents the journey between the start and the final destination of your life and career goals. This journey is extensive and at times isolated. Challenges will welcome you at your doorstep and doubt will flood your mind like a hurricane. Sometimes the storm will fall into a quiet sleep and in that moment of slumber you’ll begin to think it’s over and just when complacency overcomes you adversity sweeps you off your feet into a whirlwind of chaos. You’ll fall onto your knees screaming, “Will it ever End!” The answer is YES!

After the storm is truly over there will be a masterpiece; a rainbow colored canvas painted uniquely for you, by you, of you! A canvas that displays your triumphs, your sacrifices and your testimonies. The finish line is yours for the taking and Career Runway will be there encouraging you to KEEP PAINTING every step of the way!